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Course Offerings in Latin American Studies

There are two sorts of courses that count for the Latin American Studies major and minor. Those offered by the CLAS and those offered by other departments

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Courses highlighted in red are not taught frequently. If interested, consider taking a red-designated course when it appears in the system.

Fall 2023 Courses offered by the CLAS

01:590:101:01 - Latin America: An Introduction

Prof. Rocha



 01:590:101:02 - Latin America: An Introduction

Prof. Nichols


 01:590:493 - Internship in Latin American Studies


 01:590:496:01 - Independent Study

Hours by Arrangement

Open to Juniors and Seniors Only


 01:590:497:01 - Honors Latin American Studies

Hours by Arrangement

Open to Honors Seniors Only


Fall 2023 Courses offered by Partner Departments and Programs

 For a full list of all Latin American Studies courses available for the major and minor (but not necessarily taught in any given semester) check the Master Course List in Latin American Studies

If you find a course with significant Latin American content that is not listed here, please contact the Program Director, Professor Aldo Lauria Santiago, to request permission for Major/Minor credit and for course selection advising: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.