Course Offerings and Schedule

Course Offerings in Latin American Studies

There are two sorts of courses that count for the Latin American Studies major and minor. Those offered by the CLAS and those offered by different departments in the School of Arts and Sciences.   

For schedules, sections and synopses of courses offered by CLAS click here.  For schedules and sections of other departments click here.

Courses highlighted in red are not taught frequently. If interested, consider taking it now.

Spring 2022 Courses offered by the CLAS

01:590:101 Latin America: An Introduction

01:590:299 Topics in Latin American Studies 01:595:212:01 Introduction to Mexico and Central America

01:590:493 Internship in Latin American Studies

01:590:496 Independent Study

Spring 2022 Courses offered by SAS Departments

070 Anthropology

070:339 Caribbean Archaeology (Prof. De Jong)


195 Comparative Literature

195:295 Latino and Caribbean Cultural Studies (Prof. Garcia-Medina), cross-listed 01:595:295:01


506 History- General/Comparative

506:224 Slavery World History (Prof. Seijas)


508 History

508:362 History of Mexico (Prof. Mendoza), cross-listed 595:312:02

508:371 History of Puerto Rico (Prof. Lauria Santiago), cross-listed 595:371

508:393 Global Diasporas in the Caribbean History (Prof. Burrowes)


567 Journalism and Media Studies

567:473 Contemporary Issues in Media Studies III: Media and Struggles for Democracy in Central America (Prof. Marchi).


575 Labor Studies

575:307 Latino Workers in the United States (Prof. Martino; additional online section with Prof. Lupo)

575:321 Immigration Law/Rights (Prof. Cooney; additional online section with Prof. Naik) 


595 Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies

595:100 Introduction to Caribbean Studies (several sections)

595:101 Introduction to Latino Studies (several sections)

595:203 Music of the Caribbean (Prof. Ramos)

595:230 Latinx Art

595:215 Research Methods in Latino & Caribbean Studies (Prof. Leon-Roosevelt)

595:270 Introduction to Caribbean Literature (Prof. Stevens), cross-listed with 195:260:01

595:281 Haiti and worlds history: The Forgotten Pearl (Prof. Marcellus)

595 :337 Global Haiti

595:312 Poetics of Black Latinx Diaspora (Prof. Zamora)

595:351 Mexican American History

595:312:02 History of Mexico (Prof. Mendoza)

595:329 Latino Politics in the US (Prof. Matos)

595:370 Law and the Latino Community (Prof. Cartagena)

595:371 History of Puerto Rico (Prof. Lauria Santiago), cross-listed 508:371

595:412 Counting Afro-Latinos


617 Languages and Cultures

617:490 Language and Social Justice in the Americas (Prof. Stephens)


 790 Political Science

790:329 Latino Politics US (Prof. Matos), cross-listed with 595:329:01


810 Portuguese

810:361 Brazil and the US: Comparative Approaches (Prof. Da Silva)


940 Spanish

940:215 Intro to Hispanic Literature (Several sections).

940:261 Intro to Study of Language (Several sections)

940:332 Literature and Culture of the Hispanic Caribbean (Prof. Stevens)


For a full list of all Latin American Studies courses available for the major and minor (but not necessarily taught in any given semester) check the Master Course List in Latin American Studies

If you find a course with significant Latin American content that is not listed here, please contact the Program Director, Professor Aldo Lauria Santiago, to request permission for Major/Minor credit and for course selection advising: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.