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The Puerto Rico Archival Collaboration Summer Graduate Intern Program will be held again in 2024.  This year's tentative dates are from June  10 to July 19.  This year graduate students may chose between the Coleccion Puertorriquena of the Lazaro Library at the UPR and the Archivo General de Puerto Rico.

The PRAC has organized summer internships for self-funding participants in 2023 and 2022.  

Students spend five weeks working at the AGPR and doing research in Puerto Rico.  At the AGPR they work as volunteer interns organizing archival collections. In previous summers they helped organize a massive Fomento Industrial collection which is now available for researcher use and materials from Fortaleza (20th C. Governors), Junta de Planficacion, the municipal collection of San Juan, trials, Sugar Commission records and many others.  Participants work with archivist Pedro Roig sorting, cleaning, re-boxing, labelling and listing/inventorying documents. 

The AGPR has no staff of its own to carry out this work.  Its collections include tens of millions of documents related to over five centuries of the history of Puerto Rico.  Students are exposed to the collections they work with and have inside access to information and support to develop their own projects and interests while there.  They are offered mentoring, networking and advice on other research sites, collections, institutions and scholars for their own research projects.

Participants must spend three days a week and a minimum of five weeks as volunteer interns.

The summer internship is part of a larger project with the AGPR and the Coleccion Puertorriquena of the UPR library motivated by the lack of resources for staffing at both institutions. 

If interested, your institution or individual faculty could sponsor their own students through the workflow and agreements I have established at the AGPR. Sponsors fund the living and travel costs of their students with whatever resources they have available. My suggestions is that a budget of at least $2500 is the least required for five weeks of living in Puerto Rico. Participants arrange for housing and transport on their own.  In some cases, students are already planning on being there and only a per-diem stipend is required. The configuration is flexible.  If you already have students who will be in Puerto Rico you are free to configure support for them in whatever way they find acceptable.  

Active updates, photos, news and student blogs are posted here.

Feel free to share this with faculty and graduate students that might have interest in this work and let me know if you have any questions.

Aldo A. Lauria Santiago

Director, Center for Latin American Studies


Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies

Department of History

Co-Coordinator, Rutgers Latino Studies Research Initiative

Rutgers University, New Brunswick

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