20240411 151952CLAS sponsored a successful virtual roundtable on the study of mobilities and migration in Central America.  Hosted by former Post Doctoral Associate Briana Nichols, the roundtable brought together Noelle Bridgden, Rebecca Galemba, Amelia Frank Vitale and Caitlyn Yates for an extended conversation on their research and the challenges of fieldwork in vulnerable communities.  Forty three people came together to listen to their presentations which ranged from conceptual debates to practical advice on research and professional transitions.

Look for the video on our Youtube channel soon.



Screenshot 2024 04 16 at 3.58.28 PM Screenshot_2024-04-16_at_4.04.16 PM.png Screenshot_2024-04-16_at_4.07.21 PM.png Screenshot_2024-04-16_at_4.11.13 PM.png  Screenshot_2024-04-16_at_4.14.58 PM.png