Congratulations to Professor Schneider for her recent promotion.

Laura Schneider’s research intersects land systems science and biogeography.  Her research focuses on understanding changes in tropical landscapes using a socio-ecological systems approach. She is interested in measuring forest responses following environmental disturbances, monitoring and modeling tropical deforestation and re-growth, and mapping forest dynamics. Her research shows how tropical secondary forests are resilient to disturbances, and how rural landscapes are shaped by land management practices occurring under particular ecological contexts. It also demonstrates the importance of methods linking field data to regional characterizations using remotely sensed data in assessing ecosystem services.

Dr. Schneider’s ongoing projects include Environmental Disturbances in Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico, supported by a grant from the Moore Foundation; and The Spontaneous Spread of Silvopastoral Landscapes in the Ecuadorian Amazon, which was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation through the Dynamics of Coupled Natural and Human Systems Program. Recently, Laura held a Fulbright Distinguished Chair Award in Biodiversity and Sustainable Development. Her Fulbright research focuses on landscape change in the Colombian Orinoco: the effects of armed conflict on deforestation in protected areas and the effects of the peace treaty reached in 2016 on land consolidation programs in the region.

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