Jazmin Puicon, who will soon be defending her dissertation on Cali, Colombia, has been selected as a CLASP Teaching Fellow at Bard College.  Jazmin works as a Assistant Professor of History at Bard High School Early College in Newark, NJ.

"The overarching goal of the CLASP Fellows Program is to develop and foster a commitment to student-centered, writing-rich teaching methods central to liberal arts and sciences education. Each cohort of CLASP Fellows, once trained, will offer intensive workshops intended to continue to support faculty across the network and cultivate a core group of OSUN faculty who will lead blended workshops and collaborate with colleagues across OSUN partner institutions.

The training the fellows receive and pass on to the wider faculty at each institution will influence instruction, classroom management and curriculum, as well as assessment and grading. Through faculty, the work of CLASP will also impact thousands of students, involving all in the free exchange of ideas and informed discussion, critical thinking, and problem solving in the classroom."