The BLK Latinx Americas xLab is a research hub that organizes and inspires new research activity in Black Latinx and Black Latin American studies. The “x” represents the intersections of race, gender, sexuality with the digital, public, and interdisciplinary. The lab functions as an incubator for new ideas, methods, and praxis. We invite scholars, both graduate students and faculty, from all disciplines in developing interdisciplinary, vertically integrated research projects. The lab seeks to foster both formal collaboration and informal exchange, as well as the sharing of technological resources that enable lab participants to experiment with new research methods, new lines of inquiry, and new ways of engaging audiences at Rutgers and beyond.

As the description conveys, this is a space to workshop scholars' work in progress. It is not meant to showcase what they've already polished and completed, but what they would like to share and want feedback on or need a soundboard to work through some ideas, methods, frameworks, or theorizing.

We would like to extend you an invitation to join us at our first meeting this semester happening Thursday, November 4th 11am-12:30PM for a virtual lunch where Dr. Shantee Rosado will be presenting. Dr. Rosado's work is a part of the field of Black Latinx Americas and the scholarship that comprises it.

The format of the lab, is that the presenter opens up the conversation with about 15-20 minutes of contextualizing their work, followed by comments and questions from the Lab participants/audience. Dr. Rosado's paper is pre-circulated and available here:

Please RSVP here: