Professor Burrows recently joined the History Department in SAS New Brunswick. She earned her Ph.D. at the CUNY Graduate Center with a focus on Latin American and Caribbean History and African Diaspora Studies.

Her scholarship and teaching is in modern Caribbean and African-American history. Her research explores social justice movements, comparative histories of racialization and colonialism, Black Internationalism, and the politics of solidarity.

Her current book project, Seeds of Solidarity: African-Indian Relations and the 1935 Labor Rebellions in British Guiana, explores the historical possibility of a movement forged by those at the edges of empire in the midst of economic, political, and environmental crises. Three goals guides this project: to center plantation workers and the 1930s in the development of modern politics in the Caribbean; to expand the framework of “overlapping diasporas;” and, by theorizing about the potential basis for solidarity amidst profound structures of difference in order to counter generations of hegemonic narratives that center racial conflict.

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