Caribbean Urbanism, Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies (LatCar) 01:595:305:01

Fall 2022

Dr. William Kelly
Wednesdays – 2:00-5:00
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Course Description

Whose voices are included when cities are built and run, and whose are excluded? Why? What does it mean to live in a city? What makes cities distinct from other sorts of spaces? In “Caribbean Urbanism,” we will explore these and other questions in the Caribbean context, from creation of the earliest European settlements until the modern day. The course deals with questions about migration; racial and economic inequality; life in informal communities (commonly referred to as shantytowns); socialist and capitalist development; and the Caribbean and climate change, among other topics. The first portion of the course will explore some of the relevant theoretical literature around how cities have been understood and studied since the colonial era. We will then shift our focus to specific cases studies that teach us about broader patterns in Caribbean urbanism. The course will focus mostly on the Spanish Caribbean but will include perspectives from other parts of the region as well. You will also have the opportunity to
explore the Caribbean city of your choosing in your final project.

Course Learning Goals

This course satisfies the following SAS Core Learning Goals:

- Our Common Future [CCO]: Analyze a contemporary global issue from a multidisciplinary perspective
- Diversities and Social Inequalities [CCD]: Analyze contemporary social justice issues and unbalanced social power systems.
- Historical Analysis [HST]: Explain the development of some aspect of a society or culture over time.
- Social Analysis [SCL]: Understand different theories about human culture, social identity, economic entities, political systems, and other forms of social organization.

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