April 9, 2023

WIPRSin Comillas, and Metro are a few online newspapers that have featured articles about the ongoing Puerto Rico Archival Collaboration. If you haven't heard yet, CLAS and director Aldo Lauria-Santiago are currently collaborating with sister institutions in Puerto Rico to help them preserve and make accessible important archival collections and periodical publications, in coordination with the research needs of a working group of faculty and graduate students who study Puerto Rico History.

This project involves the Coleccion Puertorriquena of the University of Puerto Rico Library, its Digital Collections held at the Coleccion Digital Puertorriqueña, and the General Archive and National Library of the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña. 

Also, the collaboration is actively recruiting partners (from foundations and professors who do research on Puerto Rico and the institutions that support their work) who can leverage research assistance resources for this project and their own archival goals. 

See the link above to learn more about the project's progress since it began in March 2022. 

It's wonderful to see all the hard work being recognized in various Puerto Rican publications!