Jian Ren, PhD candidate in History at Rutgers, has been awarded the History & Political Economy (HPE) Project Summer Research Grant. The HPE program supports awardees to undertake research in the summer of 2023 on topics related to their mission to understand how neoliberalism has been developed, implemented, and contested around the world. The History & Political Economy Project seeks to use the tools of historical inquiry to counter rising inequality, economic dislocation, and political alienation. HPE, therefore, supports new research, fosters connections among scholars working in different temporal and geographic contexts, and draws lessons for contemporary efforts to challenge the hegemony of neoliberal ideas and modes of governance.

Jian's project is called, "The Political Economy of China-Latin America Relations, 1960-1990."

Bio: Jian Ren is a History PhD candidate at Rutgers University. His research examines China-Latin America relations in the Cold War period. His dissertation investigates how diplomats, politicians, intellectuals, trade negotiators from China and Latin America and Chinese immigrants in Latin America developed trust and mutual understanding between 1949 and 1989. Before coming to Rutgers, Ren received his B.A. in Political Economy and Spanish from the University of Sydney and his M.A. in Latin American Studies from the University of Chicago.

Congratulations to Jian!