• Camilla Townsend

May 19, 2023

Professor Camilla Townsend has published an introductory article to a special issue of Duke University Press's journal, Hispanic American Historical Review. Her article is called "At the Crossroads: Introducing New Work in Early America and Colonial Latin America."

"The people of San Germán, Puerto Rico, had gone to sleep for the night. It was 1581, and they had recently relocated their fledgling town inland in an effort to protect it from seaborne attack. But the Kalinagos who broke the people's slumber with sudden violence were well informed, for one of their number had produced a map based on knowledge he acquired while he was living in the town as a slave. He had escaped not long ago and made his way home to the island of Dominica on a raft. Now he had returned with some well-armed brethren. This sixteenth-century version of special forces broke into the houses where they knew other Kalinagos were held, took the people they sought, and then melted away again into the darkness..."

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