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The New Vertical Archipelago: SmallScale Mining and Ch’ixi Livelihoods in the Bolivian Tin Belt
Wednesday, January 26, 2022, 12:00pm - 01:00pm
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MarstonTalksWorking group on Hemispheric Indigenous Studies

Andrea Marston, Assistant Professor of Geography, SAS

Wednesday, January 26, 12:00 PM-1:00 PM


This talks shows how small scale mining has the capacity to redistribute subterranean wealth across Indigenous communities in the Andean region, which can counterintuitively support autonomy projects seen as its detrimental environmental and health impacts make it a politically ambivalent livelihood strategy Given this ambivalence, I argue that this practice is thoroughly ch’ixi (“ in Aymara, see Rivera Cusicanqui 2018 in that it integrates colonial histories and capitalist practices with contemporary expressions of Indigenous autonomy Reflecting on the legacies of industrial mining in the Andean highlands, I suggest that such ch’ixi strategies might be supported rather than dismissed as “improperly" Indigenous activities.



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