• Lorena Avila Jaimes
  • Campus: Newark
  • PhD or MA: PhD
  • School : MGSA
  • Department: School of Criminal Justice
  • Project: Focuses on the intersections of civil and criminal law
  • Research Areas (themes, countries): Colombia, Mexico, Latin America



Lorena Avila Jaimes's academic interests focus on the intersections of civil and criminal law (specifically diasporas and immigration issues), courts and legal pluralism, and inequality.

Some of Lorena Avila Jaimes's focus has been on internal migration, forced displacement, in Colombia, and international migration in war contexts and economic precarity contexts. Currently, Lorena is more focused on the latter, capturing the presence of the south in the north, and analyzing the intersections of criminal law and immigration law to socially control specifically Central Americans and Mexicans, and Latin Americans overall.

Lorena has also previously done work on legal pluralism and human rights advocacy. More broadly, supporting scenarios where human rights protection mechanisms and indigenous traditions are knowledgeable for populations around the Latin American region, sometimes in its contradictions, but also in its intersections.