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In our current global situation of climate change and environmental catastrophe, many environmental humanities scholars are turning to indigenous ontologies to seek out answers and guidance. The five movies that we curated for the festival showcase narratives from indigenous communities from several Latin American countries and portray their struggles and strategies of survival. With the festival, we hope to honor their voices by showcasing their work to our Rutgers community. You can find the technical information about the five movies bellow: 


Date: Mar 1, 2023-April 5, 2023

- March 1, 2023 presented by Celin Hidalgo

- March 8, 2023 presented by Ariela Parisi

- March 22,2023 presented by Ivy Lopez

- March 29,2023 presented by Rachel Perez

- April 5, 2023 presented by Ariela Parisi

Location: Voorhees Hall 105

Any questions please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.