Caribbean Working Group: Race, Gender, Migrations, and Class-Formations

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Ph.D. Students Rosa Cordero and Kiran Baldeo have convened a CLAS Working Group in Caribbean Studies with an emphasis on Race, Gender, Migrations, and Class-Formations.  This working group is an interdisciplinary space to explore the Caribbean from the 16th through 20th century. Its primary goal is to further explore how race, gender, migration, and class-formation were integral to the region's development and formation. In addition to reading across disciplines, we will read across the Caribbean, exploring the nations and empires that are of interest to our participants but also taking the time to explore how race, gender, and migration operate in a trans-imperial context. In thinking critically about the fraught history of colonialism and its implications we have chosen to incorporate the broadest definition of the Caribbean as possible- including the previously Spanish, French, Dutch, and English colonies and those that geographically lie outside the basin but identify as such. We will use our time discussing both foundational and new texts, workshopping papers and projects, and engaging with invited scholars. As Caribbeanists, we often find that our work drifts between various disciplines and caucuses. We hope that this working group serves as a place to anchor and think through how the social, political, economic, and cultural histories of the Caribbean are implicated in our work.

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