Puerto Rico Archival Collaboration--Historical Research Resources in Puerto Rico Studies

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In an effort to bring together varied and constantly changing research resources for the study of Puerto Rico history and society, the Workshop on the History of Puerto Rico has created this list of highly specialized resources for researchers.

The list includes guides as well as digitized archival collections.


The list will be updated frequently so please visit it regularly.  Send us suggestions for resources. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to Prof. Lauria Santiago for suggestions.  For regular updates please subscribe to our email list on the main page of the Puerto Rico Archival Collaboration.

Guides to Archival Collections-Not Digitized

Centro de Investigaciones Historicas-UPR-Holdings

Biblioteca Nacional de Puerto Rico catalog

Indiice de Revistas de Puerto Rico--CONUCO 

Guias de Colecciones, Archivo General de Puerto Rico

Special Collections (documents, microfilm, etc.), Coleccion Puertorriquena, Biblitoeca Lazaro, UPR

Guide to Materials on Latin America in the National Archives of the US--500 pages

Editorial Akelare, Historias locales y microteamaticas  de Puerto Rico

Oficina Regional de Nueva York, US National Archives

Guia de documentos sobre Puerto Rico en los Archivos Nacionales, New York City Center 

Center for Research Libraries--Puerto Rico Holdings

 WorldCat: Puerto Rico Newspapers in US Libraries

Caribbean Newspapers Holdings, New York Public Library

Federal Parks Service Historical Archive-Puerto Rico

Lista de Archivos en Puerto Rico--Censo Guia-Espana

Digitized Archival Collections

Biblioteca Virtual Puertorriquena--Coleccion Puertorriquena, UPR--Same materials via ISSU

 Digitized Holdings of the Biblioteca Nacional de Espana (Biblioteca Digital Hispanica)

Archivo Digital Nacional de Puerto Rico

Biblioteca Digital del Patrimonio Iberoamericano

Digitized Puerto Rico Newspapers at the Library of Congress

Digitized Items Puerto Rico at Library of Congress

Digitized Puerto Rico Newspapers at the Digital Library of the Caribbean

Biblioteca Digital Puertorriquena--UPR (Coleccion de fotos Diario El Mundo)

Archivo Digital Nacional Puertorriqueno-Digitized Documents from Multiple Major Archives in Puerto Rico

Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquena--Archivo Digital

Escuela de Medicina Tropical Digital Publications

Revistas Digitalizadas, Universidad de Puerto Rico.

Libraria--Repository of Digital Publications on the History of Health Sciences in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

Digital Library of the Caribbean--Puerto Rico Published items

Digital Library of the Caribbean--Puerto Rico Themed Items

Bibliography of Articles about Puerto Rico, 1900-1960

Bibliografia de Ciencias Sociales-Digitized searchable volumes

Bibliografia publicaciones del Estado y agencias de Puerto Rico

University of Connecticut Puerto Rico Digital Historical Collection

Coast Guard and National Guard Collections, Puerto Rico

Smithsonian Institution Archive--Puerto Rico

Smithsonian Institution Online Virtual Archives-Puerto Rico

Archivo Fernos Isern

Colección de Fotografías Dr. Antonio Fernós Isern

Colección de Recortes de Periódicos Dr. Antonio Fernós Isern

Fondo Documental Dr. Antonio Fernós Isern

Historical Repository for Health Science Information in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean: Statistical reports of the various bureaus of the dept. of health

Coleccoin Arturo Morales Carrion

Archivo, Fundacion Luis Munoz Marin

Digital--Via Archivo Digital Nacional de Puerto Rico



Politics and Citizenship History

PRCAP Puerto Rico Citizenship Archives Project

Biblioteca y Archivo Legislativo de Puerto Rico

Carpetas Policiacas


Coleccion Puertorriquena

Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenos



Actas de la Camara de Delegados, 1900-1912--Academia Puertorriqueña de Jurisprudencia y Legislación

Proposiciones y Resoluciones de la Convencion Constituyente de Puerto Rico, 1951-1952--Academia Puertorriqueña de Jurisprudencia y Legislación

Declassified FBI Documents, Puerto Rico

Digitized Census Registers Digital Archive

Archivo de las Elecciones de Puerto Rico

Quantitative Data and Census Data


Databases from Puerto Rico

Federal US Databases

Federal US Census Only

 IPUMS Data Search, 1900-1929 Census 

IPUMS: Census 2-5% Sample Census Datasets

IPUMS: Full count (everyone) data: https://usa.ipums.org/usa-action/samples

IPUMS: Puerto Rico Census Data

ICPSR: Puerto Rico Census Data

Native data at Wisconsin Survey Center: https://uwsc.wisc.edu/the-1910-and-1920-puerto-rican-census-project/

The National Archives gives access to the full 1940 Census

The National Archives guides to Puerto Rico censi.

The Internet Archive: PDF books AND scans of manual registers from the Census, including many for Puerto Rico

The Census has PDF version of all census book and special reports in their digital library .

Estadistica oficial economica, demografica y etc contemoranea de Puerto Rico