Puerto Rico Archival Collaboration logoStarting in March 2022 Professor Aldo Lauria-Santiago and the Center for Latin American Studies began a major collaboration with sister institutions in Puerto Rico to help them preserve and make accessible important archival collections and periodical publications, in coordination with the research needs of a working group of faculty and graduate students who study Puerto Rico History.

The Collaborations involve the Coleccion Puertorriquena of the University of Puerto Rico Library, its Digital Collections held at the Coleccion Digital Puertorriqueña and the General Archive and National Library of the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña. 

The collaboration is actively recruiting partners (from foundations and professors who do research on Puerto Rico and the institutions that support their work) who can leverage research assistance resources for this project and their own archival goals.  We also run a summer internship for graduate students.

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New Updates to the  Digital Library of Historians of Puerto Rico: New Files for Barcelo,  Pico, Giusti, Baldrich and Santamaria Garcia

 New Graduate Student Blog--Abby’s Archival Adventure in the Archipelago: From Fortaleza to Bomba

New Collaborator: The Puerto Rican Studies Initiative at the University of Connecticut Joins the PRAC

Read the most recent Summer of 2013 Update note or visit our updates page for more details or select a specific component of the PRAC below.

  • National Library Diaspora Book Donation Project

    The Puerto Rico Archival Collaboration of the Center for Latin American Studies is sponsoring an effort to organize the donation of all books on Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans authored by diaspora scholars.  So far the effort has yielded a dozens of donations.  The effort will continue through 2025 In a recent forum the Director of the Library and Archive, Hilda Ayala, acknowledged the need for these contributions and the importance of furthering connections between Puerto Rico and state-side... Read More
  • Historians of Puerto Rico Working Group

    As part of the Puerto Rico Archival Collaboration, more than forty historians of Puerto Rico have joined the CLAS-Sponsored History of Puerto Rico Working Group.  The group includes graduate students, faculty and retired faculty based both in Puerto Rico and the US.  We meet every 6 weeks to discuss published works as well as manuscripts from within the group. If interested pleaseThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the group's coordinator. The workshop will sponsor a major conference on Puerto Rico's history in... Read More
  • Sites and Resources for Historical Research in Puerto Rican History

    In an effort to bring together varied and constantly changing research resources for the study of Puerto Rico history and society, the Workshop on the History of Puerto Rico has created this list of highly specialized resources for researchers. The list includes guides as well as digitized archival collections.   The list will be updated frequently so please visit it regularly.  Send us suggestions for resources. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to Prof. Lauria Santiago for suggestions.  For regular updates please subscribe to... Read More
  • Bibliographies and Guides for Research on Puerto Rico History

    As part of the work of the Puerto Rico Archival Collaboration and the Puerto Rico History Working Groupwe are compiling specialized bibliographies of historical materials for Puerto Rico. In conjunction with the Archival Research Guide, these bibliographies will help researchers find materials and sources for their work. This work is managed by Prof. Lauria Santiago and is done in collaboration with the Biblioteca Virtual de Puerto Rico, managed by Javier Almeydawith the support of the... Read More
  • Digital Library of Historians of Puerto Rico

    This section provides an inventory of the publication work of the most senior and productive historians of Puerto Rico.  We will be updating constantly as we add authors and find and scan publications, or receive them directly from the authors.  Our goal is to locate and digitize the least available of their publications (edited collections, less accessible journals) in collaboration with the historians themselves. The project also has a password restricted library of published works in PDF... Read More
  • AGPR Graduate Student Intern Research Blogs

    During the summers of 2022 and 2023 students from various US Universities worked interns organizing and cataloguing collections at the Archivo General de Puerto Rico. These are the blogs some of them have produced relating to the work they carried out and their experiences in the program   Abby’s Archival Adventure in the Archipelago: From Fortaleza to Bomba Abigail Vázquez Rosario, Communication, Caribbean/Latinx Studies & Digital Humanities– University of Maryland   Bridging Boricuas in the... Read More
  • Libros Perdidos: PRAC+CEI+PRSI Book Series

    The Libros Perdidos (Lost Books) series is a Collaboration between the Puerto Rico Archival Collaboration, the Centro de Estudios Iberoamericanos of the University of Puerto Rico, Arecibo and the Puerto Rican Studies Institute.  We will publish a new series of books on the history of Puerto Rico.  The book series will promote access to valuable but never published texts.  Books will be published as formatted books in PDF with the option of user-purchased on-demand printing. Read More
  • Content Survey of the Archivo General de Puerto Rico

    As part of the PRAC Prof. Lauria Santiago is carrying out a "rough" inventory of uncatalogued and other collections at the AGPR.  In support of the AGPR's ability to serve the public and historical researchers, the survey will include a full description of sections that are in need of organizing.  AGPR Director Hilda Ayala and Archivist Pedro Roig have provided access and support for this year-long effort.   The inventory should finished in the Summer of 2024.  it involves an initial survey of... Read More
  • Archivo General de Puerto Rico--Guides and Catalogs

    This section provides links to the existing guides to the AGPR's collections,  drawn (and renamed) from materials also posted on their own website.  It also includes the new guides developed as part of the work of the PRAC assistants since May 2022.  These new guides will also be available on the AGPR website.  The ongoing work of the assistants, funded and coordinated by Prof. Lauria Santiago,  yields draft and new guides on a regular basis, so please check back, sign up for our email list, or... Read More
  • Digital Library-Books and Publications of Puerto Rican History (Searchable PDFs)

     As part of the work of the Puerto Rico Archival Collaboration and the Puerto Rico History Working Group this page provides access to scanned (usually text-searchable) books and other publications or documents. In conjunction with the Research Guide and the Bibliographies, this material will help researchers find sources for their work.     Read More
  • Spanish Military and Governors Document Transcriptions and Indeces

    These documents drawn from the AGPR Gobernadores Españoles collection were transcribed by the staff of the Coleccion Puertorriquena at the UPR library in the 1990s.  As soon we have more information on their origins and selection criteria we will post an update. Military There are 10 volumes with hundreds of transcribed documents. All of the documents related to the military and the Estado Mayor del Ejercito. Spanish Governors There are an additional four volumes described as a detailed content index... Read More
  • People of the Puerto Rico Archival Collaboration

    Directors Aldo Lauria Santiago, Director Antonio Hernandez Matos, Project Manager Colleagues in Puerto Rico Hilda Ayala, Director, Archivo General de Puerto Rico Javier Almeyda, Director, Collection Puertorriquena, Biblioteca Lazaro, Universidad de Puerto Rico Pedro Roig, Senior Archivist, Archivo General de Puerto Rico  Juan Roman, Librarian, Archivo General de Puerto Rico Sonya Canetti Mirabal , Directora, Fundacion Puertorriquena de las Humanidades Juan Giusti, Retired, University of Puerto... Read More
  • Puerto Rico Historical Digital Library-Books and Publications in Searchable PDF--Restricted Access Library

    This collection is accessible only to researchers.  Write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for access to the BOX folder.   Protected Files Link Read More