• Date for Update: 2023-03-01

AGPR Director Hilda Ayala and Prof. Lauria Santiago have issued  a Press Release (Press Release -- Rutgers Puerto Rico Archival Collaboration ) presenting the initial products of the Rutgers-AGPR collaboration. The release refers to the new archival guides created through the Rutgers Puerto Rico Archival Collaboration and now posted to the project's website. The guides include many important collections and are only the first installment of a larger goal of producing guides to all the inaccessible document collections at the AGPR.

Please check out the three short videos explaining the work.

 The guides produced by the collaboration include:

Administracion Estabilizacion Economica
Administracion Fomento Economico
Autoridad de Tierras
Corporacion Renovacion Urbana y Vivienda CRUV Tarea 61
Biblioteca de Administración de Fomento Económico Sala de Referencia
Comision de Servicio Publico 
Compania de Fomento Industrial 
Departamento Agricultura y Comercio Tarea 64 6
Departamento de Agricultura Varias series
Departamento de Agricultura--Junta Azucarera de Liquidaciones de Centrales 
Departamento del Trabajo 
PRELIMINAR Coleccion Biblioteca Central Mercedita Sala de Referencia 

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