• Date for Update: 2022-07-01
  • During the last few weeks our Student Assistants have been very busy at work. Jean continues to scan materials at the Coleccion Puertorriquena of the UPR library.  Paola will soon join him and will extend the work to microfilming and microfilm digitization of important periodicals and pamphlets.

    Paola will also do a full inventory of the internal library materials of Fomento Industrial now available in the Reading Room of the AGPR. 



More titles from that Collection (see earlier update below for additional titles)


At the Archivo General students completed the reorganization and indexing of one major "Fomento Economico/Fomento Industrial" collection. The guide will soon be posted to the AGPR's website and here.  Also, students are nearly done preparing an initial inventory of  various sections of Department of Labor materials.  Preliminary lists will be posted here, check back and sign up for the email updates (our email list).  Prof. Lauria Santiago is working on an full listing of uncatalogued sections and collections for the entire AGPR, but that effort will take a bit longer.  As usual Archivist Pedro Roig has been critical to this work.


Prof. Zaire Dinzey Flores of Rutgers University will be collaborating with the Collaboration by placing a Research Assistant (Sofia) to do additional work creating an inventory a large "Junta de Planificacion" collection starting in August.


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Prof. Lauria Santiago (Rutgers) and  Prof. Ana Ramos Zayas (Yale) meet with the program's Research Assistants.

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