Director's Message

Welcome to the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) at Rutgers University! CLAS offers a Major and Minor in Latin American Studies as well as a wide range of academic and cultural programing and community outreach initiatives focusing on Latin America and on Latin American populations in the United States.

Our interdisciplinary academic program offers great flexibility in choosing courses about Latin America in the humanities and social sciences. Students from SEBS and other schools should contact the Center Director to explore how their coursework may count as elective credits in the Latin American Studies major and minor. The Center Director provides individualized advising on course selection, the fulfillment of the language requirement, study abroad, and graduate school and career opportunities. Upon graduation, our students are prepared to pursue professional training and careers in fields such as business, education, communications, politics, law, non-governmental work, public policy and planning, public health, and social work; and/or to pursue graduate study in Latin American Studies or in one of the disciplines represented in the program.