The Latino Studies Research Initiative

Five years ago Professors Lilia Fernandez and Aldo Lauria Santiago organized various loose-end, ad hoc efforts related to Latino Studies research at Rutgers into the LSRI effort.  LSRI helped fund multiple faculty and graduate student fellowship competitions and held multiple research symposia.  We assembled a working group of about 50 faculty and graduate students from across Rutgers' many campuses and schools.  The LSRI has served as an umbrella for multiple and diverse faculty projects including oral history work, historical blogs and documenting the history of Puerto Rican and Latino Studies at Rutgers and in New Jersey.  More recently the LSRI is sponsoring an edited collection of essays on Latinos in New Jersey, co edited by Aldo Lauria Santiago and Ulla Berg (Rutgers University Press).  The New Jersey Historical Commission has funded the creation of a multimedia, public humanities website that will accompany this book.

As part of its effort to bridge North and South the CLAS will help support and make these initiatives visible with the Rutgers and New Jersey communities.

Call for Articles and Blogs for Website on Latinos in New Jersey 

The Rutgers University Press book on Latinos in New Jersey which I co-edited with Professor Ulla Berg is in production. As part of this work, we have secured funding from the New Jersey Historical Commission and other sources for a companion website. The website will include information on the book and extend the scope of the book to additional publications in the form of short blogs, teaching guides, maps, and supplementary material by the book chapter authors.

But we also want to invite other authors researchers and community leaders to write research-based blogs with photos, sound clips, maps, and other supplementary material that help us understand the diverse Latino communities of New Jersey.  The website will be up around the 1st of May, and we want to secure a dozen or so additional blogs for the public launch just after that date.

The deadline for submission of these 1,000 to 3,000-word essays is June 1st, including any supplementary materials you might want to include. We envision the site as an ongoing and developing ethnographic and historical repository for in-depth looks at the different communities and histories that constitute the diversity of Latinos and Latin American immigrants in New Jersey.

We welcome summaries of research for a general audience as well as in depth detailed dives into one specific theme. We want writing at the intersection of journalism and scholarly research. We encourage authors to include photos, maps, charts, sound and video clips and other materials, while avoiding copyright issues.

Advanced college and graduate students are encouraged to submit the product of their research-based projects.

If you are interested send a one or two paragraph abstract with a title and a CV by Feb 15. For contributions that are substantial we have very modest stipends that we can offer to authors. There will be a second round of submissions due December 1 but stipends will not be available for those.

Do not hesitate to write me with any questions.

Aldo Lauria Santiago, Co-Coordinator, Rutgers Latino Studies Research Initiative, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.