Upon completion of the program in Latin American Studies students will:

  1. demonstrate familiarity with several of the disciplines that comprise the field of Latin American Studies, by proficiently employing different research methodologies and interdisciplinary approaches, including but not limited to anthropological, economic, environmental, geographic, historical, political, sociological, linguistic, literary, visual, cinematic, and/or performance analysis.
  2. demonstrate substantive knowledge of the cultural concepts, historical legacies, and socio-economic processes that inform modern Latin America and its diaspora.
  3. demonstrate an understanding of the hemispheric and global connections between Latin America, the United States, and other regions.
  4. demonstrate an understanding of issues of social justice in Latin America and its diaspora in order to participate as informed citizens in a global society.
  5. demonstrate the research and critical thinking skills necessary to formulate clear and persuasive written and oral arguments.
  6. be able to carry out basic research in Spanish and/or Portuguese and to converse with native speakers.
  7. be prepared to pursue graduate study in Latin American studies or in one of the disciplines represented in the program; and/or
  8. be prepared to pursue professional training and careers in fields such as business, education, journalism and media, international relations, law, non-governmental work, public policy and planning, public health, and social work.