The interdisciplinary minor in Latin American Studies is an excellent compliment to a variety of disciplinary majors, including Anthropology, Geography, History, Latino Studies, Political Science, Spanish and Portuguese, and others. The minor consists of eighteen (18) credits, of which nine (9) credits must be at the 300 level or above.


We commonly grant replacements allowances when courses are not offered and you need alternatives to complete your minor, so please ask us!

The required courses are:

I. Core course (3 credits)

  • Latin America: An Introduction (01:590:101)

II. Required courses (9 credits)

A. History (3 credits, one of the following is required):

    • Colonial Latin America (01:508:260)
    • Modern Latin America (01:508:262)

B. Social Sciences (3 credits, one of the following is required)

    • Anthropology of Latin America (01:070:223)
    • Geography of Latin America (01:450:336)
    • Change in Latin America (01:790:312)
    • Latinos and Migration (01:595:298)
    • Latinos and Migration (01:595:298) OR Latinos and Community (01:595:299)

C. Spanish-American or Brazilian Literature and Culture (3 credits, any course with a Latin American focus in 01:940 or 01:810):

    • Student Choice (01:940:215 or higher, or a 300-level or higher course in 01:810)
    • Student Choice (300-level or higher)

III. Elective courses (6 credits, at least one course at the 300 level or above)

    • Student Choice (any level)
    • Student Choice (level 300+)

IV. Language proficiency requirement

    • Spanish 215 (or above) OR
    • Portuguese 201 or 203 (or above)

To officially declare or change a major or minor, a declaration form must be filled out and submitted to one of the advising centers.  Click here for forms and locations of advising centers.

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